Mediator / Mediator Multipoint

Mediator multi-point lock: Motorised solution of simple retrofitting

Mediator is a joint of the multi-point, self locking mechanical lock (629X) and a motorised electric strike (65-24M). 
When doors feature the Mediator system, they are essentially locked on the outside, but, thanks to the panic function, users are able to exit buildings from the inside without a key at any time – in normal circumstances or in the event of an emergency. Doors can also be opened using an intercom or access control system, even if they are permanently secured by the self-locking system. 
The electric strike of Mediator has 2 contacts for report the state of the lock: locked/unlocked.
Mediator features technical certification for use in fire and smoke protection doors. The system also complies with industrial standards for doors on escape and emergency access routes (DIN EN 179 and DIN EN 1125). This allows building operators in the business and public sectors to benefit from the advantages that MEDIATOR® offers.

Technical Data

- Rated operating voltage: 12V DC (regulated d.c. voltage)
- Actuation voltage (release): 5V to 48V AC/DC
- Rated current consumption: 500mA
- Unlocking time: 3 sec.
- Resistance to intrusion: 6000N
- Spacing between faceplate and striking plate: min. 2mm to max. 4mm.
- Preload: Max. 80N
- Backsets for narrow profile: 30, 35, 40, 45mm
- Backsets for wood /RF doors: 55, 60, 65, 80, 100mm



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